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budget bride*

(This post has kindly been sponsored by Content Mother, however, all views and opinions are completely my own)

Oh, wait, an actual post on ELSSTHINKS? I thought this blog was completely dead?
Well, ladies, gents and others, you are wrong. Yes, I have been gone for a little while (okay maybe a big while) but that is only because I have been extremely busy. I have had a ton of work to do, a lot of stuff has been going on and (importantly related to this post) I have been helping a family friend plan her wedding! Basically, there has been quite a bit of stress which has prevented me from finding the time to actually sit down and write a fully thought out post. However, today I actually am, and I am going to share with you some wedding budget tips for how to be a budget bride/groom for all of you bargain hunters out there, focusing specifically on the wedding favours, because I think everyone forgets about them.
Although on average, wedding favours do not take up that much of the cost of …

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