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*casual and consensual

(*This post has kindly been sponsored by Digital Dudes LTD, however, all views and opinions are completely my own)
Thousands of people are involved in casual relationships each year. Whether or not it be a one night stand or an agreement which lasts slightly longer. Arguably, the amount of casual sex is on the rise with the introduction of technology and adult dating sites, as well as the change in social attitudes over the past few decades. There is nothing wrong with a casual relationship, it is designed to fulfil the needs of each party and there is no issue in engaging in only sexual activity with a person. I personally believe having casual relationships is quite a positive thing, it seems like an opportunity to build some form of self-confidence and make you sexually happy without the commitment of a full relationship. However, it is important that each member of the relationship keeps themselves safe and fully consents to the agreement. When considering having casual relationsh…
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have i got an sti?

In 2015 the total number of new STI diagnoses in England was 434,4456.

Young people are more likely to be diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection, with heterosexual 16-24 year-olds accounting for 62% of chlamydia cases, 52% of gonorrhoea, 51% of genital warts and 41% of genital herpes diagnoses.

An STI is an infection that is passed through people during the act of sex. This may happen through vaginal, oral or anal sex. Regardless of the number of people you have engaged in sexual activity in, if you do not take the correct precautions you could become infected.

Chlamydia is the most common bacterial STI diagnoses in England, with it accounting for around 42% of all STI's diagnosed in 2015. Around 70% of affected females and 50% of affected males will not have any obvious signs or symptoms, meaning the infection can go undiagnosed for a long period of time. Gonorrhoea is the second most common STI, particularly in young adults, which can cause a range of fertility issues t…

learning and living

It is fair to say my teenage years have been a bit of a rollercoaster. From deaths to life-threatening situations and drug gangs to mental health issues. Basically, I haven't lived the boring, straight teenage life I, as a quiet little girl who wanted to be an icecream lady, would have ever had dreamed she would.

You learn a lot, I think, from being a teenager about how you're going to raise your own kids. I am consistently in situations where I think 'fuck me, what if my kids do this'. So I can understand why parents are so protective. My dad wants to wrap me up in bubble wrap, but I know he wasn't an angel as a child so I get it. Yet, I still think you learn some valuable key lessons about how you want to raise your children from the situations you have been in. 
Firstly, I have learnt if your child's friends are having a bad time, your child most probably will be too. My old best-friend has severe mental health issues. Very severe mental health issues. I was p…

*is online dating for you?

(*This post has kindly been sponsored by Digital Dudes LTD, however, all opinions/views are completely my own!)
The world is a big place, and the online world is even bigger. In my last post, I discussed online dating as a way to look for love as well as other platforms you could use to find that special someone, or even someone that is not that special (depending on which you wish to find). Today, I want to talk about if online dating could work for you or whether or not an alternative way of looking for connections would be better for you.

As I have mentioned beforehand, online dating is a fabulous way to connect with a range of new people for a range of different reasons. It allows you to gain more confidence, to get a feel for the person before you meet and to find people with similar interests to yourself. However, you do have to consider whether or not you think it is for you. Especially as there is a range of positives and negatives to talking to people online. It is important …

*how to look for love

(*This post has kindly been sponsored by Digital Dudes LTD, however, all opinions/views are completely my own!)
Most people are looking for some kind of love, or at least wouldn't mind if it hit them in the face. Yet, it can be difficult to discover. Either because you are looking in the wrong places or don't know where to look at all. Dating can be daunting, putting yourself out there does not come easily to some people (including me) which makes it difficult to approach people you find attractive. I also find we are scared of rejection, we hold ourselves back because we are scared of the worst of a situation, even if the worst is not that bad. It can reduce people to this bubble of loneliness, and not only does it prevent people from finding friends, it prevents them from finding love.
Yet, we live in a world of online presence. A time where you do not have to walk into a bar and physically approach someone. A time where you can discover what a person is like before talking …

dewy summer-glam

Right, so my makeup is not the best the whole year round as it is, so summer for me is a dreaded period. Matte products make my skin look too dry, the sweat emphasises the texture and makes my makeup run and the heat just makes me melt. By the end of the day, I look like a wax figure out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the scene where they set on fire, I don't remember being in the film but I am sure you can see me in one or two parts. However, I think I have nearly cracked the code. I am not quite there yet, I think I have to sort out my base and my setting portion of the makeup, however, I have some products that make me look like a semi-glamorous goddess regardless of the heat. Positively, I am not a full coverage type of gal at any point and I barely wear glam makeup which is why I am hardly bothered, but I do have a glam combination for those events where I have to look more done up. I've been watching some tutorials and reading some blogs all about makeup, so I …

five tips for treating yourself on a budget

Treating yourself is important, whether or not it be to a simple chocolate bar or a trip to the cinema, buying something you love to give yourself a little happiness is a key to living a better life. As a student with little income, I find it difficult to afford to treat myself around all the things I am required to pay for. I spend a lot of my time hunting for deals or reduced items just so that I can give myself that little bit of joy. Today I am going to share with you my top tips for treating yourself on a budget.

1- Find yourself a free treat- Treating yourself may not be about purchasing something, it may simply be sleeping in a little extra on the weekends or going for a walk in your favourite park. Spending time doing things you love and taking care of yourself definitely counts as treating yourself and it is something everyone could do a lot more often!
2- Look in charity shops- This is especially good if you are a reader/enjoy watching movies, or even if you just want to trea…