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five tips for treating yourself on a budget

Treating yourself is important, whether or not it be to a simple chocolate bar or a trip to the cinema, buying something you love to give yourself a little happiness is a key to living a better life. As a student with little income, I find it difficult to afford to treat myself around all the things I am required to pay for. I spend a lot of my time hunting for deals or reduced items just so that I can give myself that little bit of joy. Today I am going to share with you my top tips for treating yourself on a budget.

1- Find yourself a free treat- Treating yourself may not be about purchasing something, it may simply be sleeping in a little extra on the weekends or going for a walk in your favourite park. Spending time doing things you love and taking care of yourself definitely counts as treating yourself and it is something everyone could do a lot more often!
2- Look in charity shops- This is especially good if you are a reader/enjoy watching movies, or even if you just want to trea…
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missing: madeline mccaan (theory)

Typically, the true crime posts I write such as The Beaumont Children or Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm? are factually based posts with (what I hope) is a high level of objectivity.  However, I was requested to discuss my theory on the Madeline McCann case so this Missing/Unsolved will be opinionated.

I have decided not to go into extensive detail about her disappearance, although I will give you the basic facts and discuss the reasons behind my theory whilst talking about it. Her case is one of the most publicised in the world, so I believe most people will have knowledge of her disappearance that does not require me to write about it. If you are not familiarised with it, you can read about Madeleine McCann here.

Quick disclaimer: I am in no way stating that this is definitely what happened to Madeline, nor am I claiming to have any personal factual evidence regarding what happened to her. Regardless of what happened to her, a little girl is still gone and family members deserve to k…

how to get away with murder

I have been an HTGAWM fan since it began, and I cannot count the number of times I have stayed up until 2/3am just to watch it when it goes live in the US. I think it is an incredible show, so for those who have watched and for those who haven't, I have compiled a list of thoughts, simply to make you reconsider your opinions/I love reading peoples opinions of shows I have watched to see how they differ so this may be of use to you. I have tried to make it as spoiler free as possible, of course, there are some spoilers in there but the big reveal of each season I have kept a secret just in case you have not watched/finished it yet. Oh, and it is a long one, so grab a cup of tea and some snacks and enjoy!.

SEASON 1 This season is incredibly quick paced, packed with a ton of twists and turns. Throughout the season there are sections that make no sense, and this continues in the later seasons, however, the layout of the show makes these small issues irrelevant, they have little impact o…

four top self-help books

Self-help/life lesson books are something I love to read in my spare time. Although I do enjoy fictional pieces of work, I find it meaningful to also read books that further my personality, that help me learn how to move through personal challenges and understand my true self. Even if you're not a big fictional reader, I do think self-help books have a positive impact and tend not to be too difficult to read, so I always recommend at least trying to read one or two a year. As we move forward in time, and the world becomes more competitive, people judge themselves more and personal challenges get more difficult, the market for self-help books has expanded and more people are publishing life books than ever before. Here are a few self-help books I have personally read/I have heard incredible things about, in order to try and help you on your journey.
Take It All On Board: 8 Steps To Mastering The Slope & Life With Confidence by Kate Mackay
Certified Performance Coach, Kate Mackay s…

product's i would not repurchase

I love seeing posts about which products people would continue to purchase, however it is refreshing to see which ones people would not. Sometimes they simply may not buy them again because their skin type has changed or they have found better value for money, not just because they hate them and it is interesting to consider the reasons they would not spend their money again. So, I have been through both my makeup and miscellaneous draw (if I'm honest all my draws are miscellaneous) and decide which products I would not repurchase. I also really liked this picture, I don't need all these products because oh bitch! I'm perfect!
MAC Whirl (£17.50)- I am not even sure if the colour is Whirl because the name has rubbed off, however, I wouldn't buy any more MAC lipsticks in general. I didn't think the lipstick was terrible, I just don't really like the satin finish it gives and I find that I have to reapply it quite a bit. It was not bad, but definitely not worth the…

loving your surroundings

As a child, I loved where I grew up. All the neighbours knew one another, you could speak to anybody and there was always something interesting going on. My parents are still together, but I spent my childhood between two estates as my grandparents and extended family were based on the other side of town. Growing up was never a bore, I was never bothered by what went on around me or the people I was surrounded with, and then I hit secondary school.

As soon as I hit around fourteen, I got slapped around the face by reality. In a conversation with one of my friends, she asked why my parents didn't simply buy another house seeing as myself and two siblings were required to share a room. When I stated my parents didn't own our house, she proceeded to ask if they privately rented, and with the idea that I lived on a council estate becoming apparent, her reaction changed. Watching the expression of a person you are talking to change is intriguing, and I was especially interested in t…

unsolved: the black dahlia

On the morning of January 15, 1947, local resident Betty Bersigner and her three-year-old daughter discovered the naked, severed body of a woman in a Los Angles parking lot.

Her severely mutilated body was severed at the waist, leaving her in two separate parts, completely drained of blood. It was later concluded that due to the lack of bruising, the body must have been served after death. Medical examiners concluded that her murder was committed either late January 14th or in the early hours of the 15th. Her body had been previously washed by the killer and carefully positioned. The lower half of her body was placed a foot away from the other, with the corpse being positioned with her hands over her head, her elbows bent and her legs spread apart. The culprit had also slashed from the corners of her mouth to her ears, creating an effect known as the Glasgow smile (where individuals slash their face to leave scars that resemble a smile) and she had several cuts on her thighs and breast…