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are you still a virgin?

Are you still a virgin? A question I get asked every Friday and Saturday night. No mate, since the last time I saw you, which happened to be last Friday and Saturday, I have had passionate sex with no less than 32.5 people.

I get asked questions about losing my virginity all the time. Whether or not it relates to why I haven't yet had sex, whether or not I want to have sex or basically any other thing to do with losing my virginity, I get asked a lot of questions. I find it slightly weird, the obsession with people being a virgin or not, especially since virginity is a social construct anyway. The idea of being a virgin was just created to shame people for not yet having sexual intercourse when it is only a body part in another body part which honestly does not really mean much. So, why are people so obsessed with it? Seriously?

Whenever I have a discussion with someone about me being a complete virgin, they always assume it is because I don't want to have sex. Yet I am not ag…

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