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*ask for angela

(*This post is kindly sponsored by Digital Dudes LTD, however, all views/opinions are completely my own)
Ask For Angela is a UK campaign created by a pub in Lincolnshire which has now been adopted by the Metropolitan Police Service in order to help reduce and prevent sexual violence and vulnerability in London and other areas across the UK. The scheme provides customers of bars/nightclubs a discreet phrase they can use to get the attention of staff members who can help remove them from a situation which they feel uncomfortable with. Customers can simply go to the bar, or speak to a member of the security and ask for Angela. Staff will then assist the person in getting to a place of safety such as home or away from the person causing distress. 
Ask for Angela is an incredible scheme, and places of service across the country should participate in the campaign. It is important to allow people to remove themselves from an uncomfortable situation whilst remaining safe, and alerting the staf…

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