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gift guide (mainly for bloggers but)

It is never too early to start Christmas shopping. never. leave it too late and you end up stressing. no ideas, no money, no stock, delivery is delayed, websites crashing, other people rushing round shops. the real nightmare before Christmas.

Start now, with my handy gift guide for all your gifting needs. or use it for birthday presents, or baby showers, or divorce gifts, it's very multifunctional. simplicity is key, especially when you are on a budget, so my ideas are very low key but effective (I hope). happy shopping!!!

Handmade jewellery- I really suggest buying handmade jewellery from smaller stores on apps such as Esty or Depop. they are normally relatively inexpensive (although you can purchase more pricey items) and I have found the sellers are normally very respectable. Cuckoojewellery takes the spot for my favourite handmade jewellery seller. Taking the time and consideration to decide on a piece that suits the gift receiver is part of the experience, and to receive a present that you know has been thought about extensively is amazing. Jewellery is something that can be treasured for a long time.

Books- This idea may be strange to some people, but I highly recommend purchasing people books even if they are not a massive reader. It encourages something new, perhaps something they would not do otherwise. Not only are reading books a good idea, but you can really branch out with meaningful books. Something that will really change their life. I recommend Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls a beautiful book which I believe everyone should take a look at during the span of their life.

A pamper package- An oldie but an absolute goldie. A pamper package really is an all in one present. Decorate a shoe box (I highly recommend this if it is for a friend, you can make the box hilarious) and shove some items inside, it's incredible. Face masks are always a winner, everyone loves a face mask. Superdrug does 3 for 2 on their own face masks, meaning you can get a range of different ones. A bath bomb is also an essential, obviously Lush is a well-known company, however, there are many other places which make a range of bath bombs or soaps or whatever you're chosen receiver is into. Next, you could include some mini body butters or body washes, I believe Soap and Glory do little products which you could include. Some lip balm and hand cream, this is great for winter as everyone needs some but people either rarely have any or it gets lost really quickly. You can never have enough lip balm and hand cream. Perhaps a book (if they like reading, or even if they don't...) or a DVD you think they may enjoy. Finally, some hot chocolate or tea or coffee, whatever tickles their fancy the most, plus their favourite chocolate bar and hey presto, an easy, effective gift!

A day- The gift doesn't have to be something big, it doesn't have to be materialistic, it doesn't have to conform to what is normally given as a gift. It can be a day. Go out for something to eat, fish and chips in the park and a catch-up. Play games, laugh, watch a movie, stuff your face with chocolate and take some time. Sometimes we forget that company is a gift in itself. Its little things that make the most beautiful presents. It really is the thought that counts.

If you are looking for gifts especially for bloggers, here are some ideas. If not give them a read anyway, there as some versatile presents in there that could be used for all types of people.

A planner (and other stationary items) - If you don't personally blog, the idea of buying someone a planner for Christmas may seem unexciting. However, they help organise events, emails, scheduled posts and more. I know a lot of life is online, but sometimes it is nice to actually be able to write things down! Pop a planner with some notepads and pencils, perhaps some chocolate and coffee (for those three in the morning posts that HAVE to be done that day, caffeine and sugar will be your best friend) and bish, bash, bosh. You’ve got a simple, yet still effective present.

A portable charger- Bloggers are always taking photos, checking their social media and writing posts on the guy. Get them a decent portable charger so they can do all of this and more!

A photography course- If you live in quite a busy area, there are almost always courses nearby or you could get them an online course. Letting them learn from a professional will probably increase the quality of their photos, and they will most definitely thank you for it.

Other camera items- A new lens always comes in handy. A tripod to take pictures of pretty views or outfits. A polaroid camera because they are adorable. There are loads of different things.

Branded items- If the blog has a logo, pop it on a mug or a t-shirt. Having something to remind them of their achievement might be nice. You could also buy them business cards, especially if they are always at blogging events. They are very handing to keep in your bag just to give out to brands here and there.

A beauty box- If they are a beauty blogger, or even if they just enjoy makeup/skincare, buy them a one-off box, there are loads on the market. This gives them the opportunity for a new post and lets them try some new products.

A gift card- For anywhere really. Amazon is great because you can get loads of stuff on there. This means they can buy things for blogging or just treat themselves. Or even food gift cards so they can have a night off.

A house clean or babysitter- This just gives them a break. Having someone clean their house gives them time to relax and blog. Having someone to watch the children gives them time to blog or gives them that much needed night out.

A blog subscription- Subscription boxes are very popular, and bloggers love them. So having a box which is targeted towards people with blogs is incredible, and Just Add Blog create just that. A virtual box which gets set straight to your inbox every month. Here is a bit more about what they do!-

'Just Add Blog is a monthly digital subscription "box" for bloggers. For $10 per month, we send out a "box" to our subscriber's email that includes 5-7 digital items ready for download, things like stock photos, fonts, planners, templates, clip art and more! It is all the tools you need to build your blog straight to your inbox! You can see a collection of past items here.'

This is the perfect gift for your blogger friends or even a treat for yourself. For new bloggers and more experienced bloggers alike, this virtual box will aid you through your blogging journey! The longer you subscribe for the more you save, so taking out a bundle deal is a good idea!

It also doesn't matter where in the world you come from. The box is virtual, so there are no extra shipping costs. For people that are all about their online presence, this is spectacular!

Here is my affiliate link for the website, if you pop in code WFHC172H88N0 at the checkout, you will receive a wonderful 25% off. I really suggest you give it a try and see what you think.

My advice is don't be afraid. Go quirky, go different, go strange. They will probably never purchase quirky socks which have eggs on, even if they like egg. This is your chance to give them something they will find funny, or like, or be confused with because they would not have got in otherwise. Gifts are about the thought, and if the people are your friends or your family they will understand this. Go for it.

here is my book depository affiliate link, if you purchase I make a little money. help a girl out

(not a sponsored post, just a subscription I think is cool and they offered me a money off code so I was like okay sign me up)


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