lets talk about acne

It's horrible, isn't it? I know the feeling. You feel paranoid when you leave the house, as though everyone is staring at you. All you want to do is change skin. It gets better. I know hearing this gets very annoying, but eventually, it does. Your skin will clear up, and although it may take time, you will begin to feel more comfortable. Just remember, 8 in 10 people experience an acne breakout at some point in their lives, you really are not alone. Plus, you're beautiful anyway

I don't recommend medication unless its a final option. I am not an anti-medication person, I just think that shoving extra products on your skin or down your throat is best avoided (especially if there are common side effects). So here comes my first little piece of advice, give everything in your budget a go. It may seem like a terrible piece of advice but hear me out. If you can afford a product, and I mean actually afford it, then buy it. Whether or not it's £1 or £20, some of the best products I have ever used are cheap. Not only should you try a range of products but try them for a period of time. Don't give them a go for a week and then give up. It takes your body time to adjust to new things. Make sure you give it a few weeks before you completely dismiss a certain product. This ties into my next piece of advice, mix and match. If you begin using three new products, and something begins to work, figure out what that is. Yes, it may take you some time, but it will allow you to keep that as a staple and focus on the other areas that require sorting. Remember, sometimes products just don't go well together, so if you believe that a product may not be working due to what you are pairing it with, change up what you are using.

When you are completing your skincare routine, don't overdo it. If you over-exfoliate it can make rednesses and soreness a ton worse. Make sure to moisturize, it prevents the skin from making too much-unneeded oil which will consequently cause more acne. You should also look into making your own skincare products. Face masks are the best thing to make, it prevents extra chemicals that are unneeded. It is also probably more affordable than buying natural skincare, because most ingredients may be in your fridge.

Take some time off. Sometimes we get so focused on trying to fix our face that we forget that perhaps it just needs a break. You may simply be filling up your pores more, which will just make the acne a whole lot worse. I have found, that stripping my skincare routine back has increased the overall appearance of my skin. There will be points that all you can do is drink water and let your skin have a bit of a rest. The drink water part is important. If like me, you do not drink enough water, people going on about it gets a bit annoying. I am fully aware water is good for you I just forget! However, water does actually help. Once again, give it some time do not expect a massive change all of the sudden.

Drinking water pairs with eat a little better. Lay down on the dairy, it's one of the worst things for your skin. Once again, I'm not suggesting cutting it out completely, just try and make some better choices. Eat some more vegetables. I am sure, if you have had acne for a while and tried these tips, they seem tedious but for the majority of people, these do work.

Clean everything. Makeup brushes, your phone, pillow cases, desks. Everything and often. You transfer dirt onto your face so much through the day without even noticing, keep your hands clean and make sure everything else is relatively clean. Don't touch your face. If you have bacteria on your hands it will just make your acne a whole lot worse, especially if you pick at the spots. Do not play with them, leave them alone unless there is a dire reason that you have to touch them.

I know you want to cover them up as much as possible, so make sure you look for the right makeup. Look into products that are designed especially for acne or are gentle on the skin. Apply your makeup gently as well, try not to disturb the acne because that will just make it worse. Also, always take your makeup off. Even if you really cannot be bothered to go through your whole skincare routine, always have a packet of makeup remover wipes nearby so you can remove the dirt from your face. It is so much better than leaving it to manifest overnight. Not only should you check your makeup, but rethink your shampoo and conditioner. It is always running down your face, and there may be products in there which make your skin worse.

Research is key. Look into things. Spend some time looking at the best things to eat for your age or to fit around your schedule. Look at the best things for your skin type, what type of skincare you should be using and what type of makeup is best. If you educate yourself, you are more likely to find something that works for you. Even if you just read some articles from skincare experts. If you have the money or know someone that has invaluable knowledge about skin you could always go and see them, if not, the internet is massive, look critically at some articles.

Sometimes, you just have to accept that your skin may be terrible for a while. It may not be anything you're doing wrong, it might just be hormonal. Yes, it's annoying and horrible but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Be confident in yourself, do not listen to what anyone else says because at the end of the day it doesn't matter. A few spots don't matter. If its bad later on in life, then go to the doctor's and get it looked at. If not, there is always new machines you can try in order to 'light away' (not a clue what the technical term is) away the acne.

(ready for the cringe)