the killer clown (john wayne gacy)

John Wayne Gacy Jr aka The Killer Clown was born in Chicago, Illinois on March 17, 1942. His family, which consisted of him, his mother and father plus his two sisters, were of Polish and Danish ancestry. His father was an alcoholic who was physically abusive towards his wife and children. He regularly beat them with razor strops and once hit Gacy so hard with a broomstick he was left unconscious. Gacy's mother tried to protect him from both the verbal and physical abuse, however, his father hated him the most and regularly belittled him/compared him to his sister. His sister stated that the siblings toughened up against the beatings and never cried or fought back. Gacy was bullied throughout his school life due to an undiagnosed heart condition which caused him to black out and prevented him from participating in sports. As well as the abuse at school and at home, Gacy was molested by a family friend, however, he feared he would be blamed for the situation so failed to tell anyone.

At the age of 18, he began to work in politics, however after more issues with his father he decided to move to Las Vegas in 1962 where he found work in the ambulance service before going to work as a mortuary assistant for three months before he moved back to Chicago. In his role, Gacy slept in a cot behind the embalming room, he confessed that one evening when he was alone he clambered into the coffin of a deceased teenage male, embracing and caressing the body before experiencing shock. When he returned to Chicago, Gacy joined a college and eventually got a management trainee position in a shoe company. The company then moved him to Springfield, where he became engaged and married in 1964. As well as this, he joined the Jaycees (a leadership organization) and became a key man in April 1964. This leads him to experience his first homosexual encounter when according to Gacy a colleague piled him with drink and invited him to sleep on his sofa, the colleague then performed oral sex on him whilst he was drunk.

In 1966, he began to manage three KFC's owned by his wife's father in Waterloo, Iowa. Not only was he working for good money, he was a tireless Jaycees worker, his wife had two kids and his father apologized for the years of mental and physical abuse. Yet, the Jaycees group was largely involved in wife swapping, prostitution, porn and drug use which Gacy was involved with. He regularly cheated, had a club with his basement, socialized with only young male employees of whom many were given alcohol and sexual advances were made against them. If they refused, Gacy would simply fire them.

In August 1967, Gacy lured 15-year-old Donald Voorhees to his house with a promise of porn, instead, he gave him alcohol and forced him to perform oral sex. He abused several others and passed some off as scientific research, giving the men $50 for involvement. In March 1968, Voorhees father reported the situation and Gacy were charged. He denied the allegation and got an employee to assault Voorhees to prevent him testifying. However, this did not go to plan and Voorhees managed to escape and went straight to the police to tell them about Gacy's involvement. Gacy pleaded guilty and was sentenced on December 3rd, 1968 to 10 years in prison, as well as being diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. His wife divorced him, and Gacy never saw her or his kids again. Gacy was a model prisoner, he used wages and improved conditions. In June 1969 he applied for early release, however, was rejected, and he was also denied the right to attend his fathers funeral.

 On June 8, 1970, Gacy was granted parole and went back to Chicago to live with his mother (a condition of his parole). He then became a cook using the diploma he had gained in prison and met a woman who he later married. Between 1971/72, Gacy was accused of sexually assaulting a boy, as well as battery and reckless conduct however the charges were all dropped and he did not return to prison.

Gacy continued to work a lot and began helping his community in his spare time. He joined the Jolly Joker Clown Club in 1975, a club that performed in fundraising and events for sick kids. Many saw his costume as scary, and this is where the nickname 'The Killer Clown' originates from. By 1975, Gacy informed his wife that he was bisexual and although she stayed with him for a further year, she vowed she would never have sex with him again. The couple divorced in March 1976, after she observed him bringing boys into the garage and found a collection of gay porn.

Jan 2nd, 1972 - 16-year-old Timothy Jack McCoy was picked up from Chicago's Greyhound bus terminal, Gacy took him on a sightseeing tour and then took him home for a place to stay. According to AGcy, McCoy stood in the doorway with a knife. Gacy said he tried to defend himself and stabbed the boy, however, it turns out the boy was trying to wake him after cooking breakfast. He was buried in the crawl space and covered in concrete. 'That's when I realized that death was the ultimate thrill'

Jan 1974- an Unidentified teenage boy with medium brown, curly hair estimated to be between 14 and 18 years old whom Gacy stranged and kept in the closet before burying him in his backyard near the barbeque pit.

Jul 29, 1975- 17-year-old John Butkovich, an employee, was lured to Gacy's home while his family was away to settle outstanding back pay. Gacy cuffed him, strangled him and buried his body under the concrete floor of his garage. John's family believed he ran away, and although Gacy admitted to seeing him they never investigated him further. John's parents called the police more than 100 times over the next three years asking for him to be investigated.

Apr 1976- Abducted and murdered 18-year-old Darrell Sampson.

May 14, 1976- 15-year-old Randall Reffett disappeared on his way home from school, he was gagged and strangled. 14-year-old Samuel Stapleton also vanished walking home, he and Reffett were buried in the same grave in the crawl space.

Jun 3rd, 1976- 17-year-old Michael Bonnin was strangled and buried in the crawl space.

Jun 13th, 2976- 16-year-old William Carroll was strangled and buried in a new common grave between the kitchen and the laundry room.

Between Jun 13th and Aug 6th, 1976- An unidentified male with medium dark brown hair between 22 and 30 years old and around 5ft 4 inches was strangled. He had two front teeth missing so many have worn a denture. Another unidentified male with dark brown hair between 15 and 19 years old was strangled to death, he had an old clavicle fracture.

Aug 6th, 1976- 17-year-old Rick Johnson was strangled and buried in the common grave.

Aug 6th-10th, 1976- Unidentified male between 21 and 27 years old was murdered.

Between Aug-Oct 1976- An unidentified male with dark brown hair between the age of 17 and 21 years who had an abscessed tooth was buried in the crawl space.

Oct 24th, 1976- Kenneth Parker and Michael Marino were strangled and buried in the same grave in the crawl space.

Oct 26th, 1976- 19-year-old William Bundy was strangled and buried in the crawl space.

Dec 1976- 17-year-old Gregory Godzik was strangled and buried in the crawl space, Gacy told his family that he had run away.

Jan 20, 1977- 19-year old John Szyc was lured to Gacy's house and buried directly above Godzik.

Dec 1976-Mar 1977- An unidentified male around 25 years old was buried in the crawl space, an inscription key found with him suggests he was called Greg.

Mar 15, 1977- 20-year-old John Prestidge was murdered and buried in the crawl space whilst visiting friends.

Summer/spring 1977- Unidentified male around 17 to 12 years old with a fractured collarbone was murdered.

Jul 1977- 19-year-old Matthew Bowman was buried after being strangled.

Sep 15, 1977- 18-year-old Robert Gilroy was last seen alive, he was found suffocated and buried in the crawl space. However, Gacy was known to be in another state at the time so his later claims that he had not acted alone in some murders may have been correct.

Sep 25, 1977- 19-year-old John Mowery was strangled to death and buried in the crawl space.

Oct 17, 1977- 21-year-old Russel Nelson was suffocated and buried in the crawl space.

Oct/Nov 1977- 16-year-old Robert Winch was buried in the crawl space.

Nov 18, 1977- 20-year-old Tommy Boling was strangled and buried in the crawl space.

Dec 9, 1977- 19-year old David Talmo was strangled with a ligature and buried in the crawl space.

Feb 16, 1978- 19-year-old William Kinared was murdered and the last to be buried in the crawl space.

Jun 1978- 20-year-old Timothy O'Ranoke was killed and thrown into the Des Plaines River as the crawl space was out of room, he was found downstream on June 30th.

Nov 4, 1978- 19-year-old Frank Laningin was murdered and found in the lake November 12th.

Nov 24, 1978- 20-year-old James Mazzara was strangled and found on December 28th.

Dec 11, 1978- 15-year-old Robert Jerome Piest was murdered and dumped in the river.

John Wayne Gacy was arrested for his crimes on December 21st 1978, after police had been searching for evidence for the past 10 days in connection to possible crimes. Gacy came to police attention after being named as the last person to see Robert Piest. Police looked into the background of Gacy, finding his previous sexual assault convictions which eventually led them to searching his house. There, they found suspicious items such as handcuffs, other peoples driving licenses, clothing too small for Gacy and a 1975 class ring. Consequently, Law Enforcement assigned two surveillance teams to watch Gacy 24 hours of the day. Further investigation linked him to the disappearance of three additional people, with evidence suggesting the missing teen (Robert) had been in his house and an employee confessing to digging graves in the crawl space for Gacy. 

On December 20th, Gacy invited two investigators watching him into his house. When they entered the noticed an odd smell coming from the heating duct, which had not been turned on during the last search. The next day, police obtained a second search warrant, and upon digging the crawl space in his home, the human remains of Gacy's victims were discovered.

In the early hours of December 22nd, Gacy admitted to sexually assaulting and murdering around 30 young men. He was later charged with 33 counts of murder and sex related crimes. His lawyers tried to discount the confession, however the judge decided Gacy's constitutional rights were not violated. In his February 1980 trial, his lawyers ultimately argued that he was not guilty by means of insanity. Gacy did not testify. On March 12, 1980, the jury deliberated for less than 2 hours and found Gacy guilty of every crime. The following day, the jury decided he should be sentenced to death. On May 9, 1994, with all appeals exhausted, John Wayne Gacy was executed by lethal injection. His last words were 'kiss my ass'

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