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anatomicals: review

Anatomicals are a British owned, cruelty and paraben free company which specialise in the funkiest toiletries known to mankind. Attention-grabbing names and packaging is something this tongue-in-cheek attitude brand does very well!

puffy the eye bag slayer (wake-up under eye patches) 

Asos, £6 for a packet of three.

These little patches aim to reduce dark circles, eliminate puffiness and help prevent signs of under eye ages. They are enriched with moisturising agents to help your under-eyes look alive. I didn't really see the point of these at first, I understood their purpose, however, remained a little sceptical regarding whether or not they would actually work. I found them a little difficult to apply as I ended up getting the liquid that they come in everywhere, they are very slippy and slidey so you have to be very careful putting them on. Waiting half hour was a bit of a bore, especially as they kept moving about but I do think it was worth the wait. When you take the little patches off, your under eyes feel so smooth. They do reduce the appearance of dark circles and made my skin look very flat and normal which was great. I think if you wear makeup and have dry under-eyes (mainly if your concealer cracks/looks dry) these would really help, and even if you don't, these eye patches make you look much more awake and put together. This is very much one of those products that you don't consider or think you need until you actually try them.

we never forget a face (memorably good daily face moisturiser)-

Asos, £6.

This moisturiser has an SPF of 15, a light orchid fragrance and has a non-oily formula. It aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and contains naturally derived moisturising ingredients and soothing aloe vera. I love the packaging of this product, it is a pump instead of a tube which I think I so much more easy to use and prevents messy people (like me) from making that much of a mess. The formula isn't too thick, it still feels quite thin on your face and soaks into the skin really well. A big positive is that it isn't too oily, but you can still feel it working on your skin so I do think it will suit the majority of skin types. For an easy, well-working, day moisturiser I do think this is very good, and it is one of those products I think you should give a try!

botanical hydrating rose face mask-

This face mask delivers the utmost moisture to your skin. It contains rose and ivy to give you a fresh facial in just 20 minutes. Cloth masks have never really been my thing, as I have never really seen the point in them. However, not only did I find this very amusing to wear, I think it did a really good job. I found it a little messy, as there was quite a lot of liquid and it kept slipping around on my face but I think this is probably an issue with every cloth mask. My skin felt as soft a baby's bottom. Honestly, I have never felt my skin that soft ever. The best thing was that it was a long-lasting kind of softness, it didn't go after an hour or so, my skin actually stayed that soft for a few days. I enjoyed the smell, I enjoyed the feeling of it on my skin and I really enjoyed how funny wearing it was (I looked like Mrs Doubtfire). 

I do think Anatomicals are a great brand! Both their prices and the quality of the products are amazing, and the brand as a whole is very humorous. The PR people are very lovely as well (they kindly sent me these products) and the type of people that work for brands/the response you get from them always shows the values and beliefs of the brand as a whole. I also had some normal face masks, however, I gave them as parts of Christmas presents and the people that have used them so far have commented on how soft and amazing their skin looks. I definitely think Anatomicals is a brand you should try (I rate them a five out of five stars).


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