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gift guide for students

Christmas is approaching thick and fast people, and preparing early is always best! I have already posted one gift guide this year, which was aimed mainly at bloggers so now I've decided to do one for students. Here are some of the things I think it is best to get students/older young adults (if that makes any sense).

A survival kit - Something practical yet still fun to be used in troublesome times. Mix and match items that you feel best represent the person or the purpose of the kit. A bar of chocolate, some travel products, extra stationery, a first aid kit, some condoms, some coffee. I could tell you certain brands but there are so many on the market for each one it just seems pointless. However, I will mention the company Decadent Decaff, they do some bomb ass decaffeinated coffee which is perfect for the mornings and doesn't have all the bad effects of caffeine.

A gift card - Very simple but something I think people forget. Buying them a gift card allows them to purchase what they want/need, and once again it can be catered towards the type of person you are buying for. Gift cards are always a good idea.

Headphones/earphones - We all need these to get us through the day. They are a staple present and you can't really go wrong with them.

Necessities - Think of all those important things that students will either forget to buy or put off buying. An electric fan, bed sheets or an extra phone charger. Yes, Christmas is meant to be a time for fun but practical gifts are a winner. Jenny will be thanking you five months down the line when it's sweltering and she has a nice fan to turn on and an extra pair of bedsheets to use. Sometimes practical gifts are the best gifts.

Booze - Come on now, every student wants a bottle of alcohol to get them through their week. A bottle of vodka or some wine is not only easy but guaranteed to make the receiver smile.

Party games - This may seem like a shitty present but I tell you, Friday night after a bevvy or two and what better than a game. You could even grab them a drinking game if you like such as this Ring Of Fire, or go for the standard but hilarious Cards Against Humanity or Operation is always a laugh when everyone is hammered. Make sure you explain the reasoning though, or it may look a little weird.

Food - One thing students are known for is not eating enough food. You can either make them a hamper of easy things such as Pot Noodles and healthy energy bars or if you have the money purchase them a subscription box, either a one-off or ongoing. Graze is an example of a snack box which will help them through the days, but there are boxes out there that deliver fresh ingredients and recipes as well.

A mug - How can you go wrong with a good old mug. Honestly, a decent sized mug is something everyone can appreciate. Grab a good looking mug, pop some sachets of coffee or hot chocolate in there and buy a packet of biscuits and you're good to go. I guess you could get a flask or a reusable coffee cup instead, always helpful for the colder months

A pair of socks- Socks are great items, and whether or not you buy them a plain white pack or some fluffy socks, everyone is always thankful for socks. But how about purchasing some really cool ones for them to wear about. All of these pairs are very jazzy and the store does a few other pairs which are very cool too.

Laminated Wall Planner- Practicalities people. A very good idea for students as it allows them to organise themselves. As you get older I feel as though you are more grateful for presents that actually assist your life. You could also buy them a 2018 planner, it comes in handy for great organisation.

Books/A book box- Books could actually be included in almost every gift guide out there because they are such a good idea for everyone. Either buy them a book which will further their learning or grab them a book by their favourite author. When they need some quiet time it gives them something to do. Wildest Dreams book box is also lovely, it has a range of different things in for book lovers.

Mini Fridge- Perfect to store both booze and food next to the bed for those occasions where you could die for a glass of wine or eat an elephant but can't be bothered to move. I think everyone could do with a mini fridge.

A motivational print- Being a student is difficult, and sometimes you just need a little reminder that life will be okay/to be happy. Motivational prints are great for this, they can be stuck up on the wall and seen every day! This small Etsy shop does some great prints, including the Bee Happy one!

Stationery- I guess this could be counted as a necessity but hey, I'm running out of ideas. Pens, pencils, paperclips, glue sticks, index cards. All things students are bound to need and run out of, make a little hamper and you're good to go.

Night-in basket- Similar to a survival kit, this contains everything perfect for a night in. Pop in a little bottle of wine, some chocolate, a movie, a book, a takeaway voucher (do they do them?), a face mask and some other little bits and you've got yourself a winner. You can buy pre-made self-care boxes if you want, for example, one from Artemis & Xena, their boxes are always adorable.

Night-out basket- The complete opposite. A bottle of vodka for pre-drinks, some aftershave, a few quid for a kebab, some makeup products perhaps (glitter is a winner) and whatever else you think is perfect for a night out. Perhaps buy them an uber as well.

Skincare/grooming products - When you're trying to pick up the ladies and gents to take home for the evening you have got to look your best. Cannot go wrong with a few beauty gifts such as baby wipes, a bath bomb and perfume/aftershave to set their night off to a good start (or ensure the night has a good ending)

Multi Charge Station- We all know how annoying it is when more than one thing needs charging and you can only find one available plug socket. This will allow the person to charge a range of different things at once, very convenient.

A homemade Christmas card- Perhaps don't make one yourself, but buy them a little homemade Christmas card. They are cute, and look really good! These ones from Jodie on Etsy are gorgeous and are a really good price for the amount of effort that it must take to make them.

Letters to My Future Self- This book is actually very cool (I have one myself). There is a range of prewritten letter ideas with space to write so you can give yourself advice or tell yourself where you want to travel. You can also write down the future date you want to open it. A very nice keepsake book.

A Kindle- If you have a large budget, a Kindle is a great idea. It allows a person to read on the go, which is probably more convenient than buying them books. A lot of textbooks are downloadable now as well so they can do work on long journeys easily.

A speaker - Wireless Bluetooth speakers are such class gifts. Let them blare out music anywhere. There is always a time when a speaker comes in handy, so buying a student a speaker is always a good idea. You can also get waterproof speakers perfect for the bathroom as well so that's an idea.

A personalised LED glow stick- This present is great, it is such a laugh on a night out. It is basically a massive flashing stick which you can personalise. You genuinely can put anything you want on it, any picture and any writing you desire. For parties/raves, this actually would be the best thing ever, imagine just walking about with this huge, colourful, personalised foam stick. It's hilarious. You can purchase one over at Design Print Shop, and up until the end of February 2018 you can get 10% off any product (yes any) using the code DSB-Elssthinks.

I hope you found something worth buying!

(all the products linked to Amazon are affiliates, I make a little commission through each purchase)


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