products to help you through your period

Sometimes slow breathing or walking outside or taking medication doesn't work. I envy those who can have a 'natural period' and live their lives as normal for the week or so they are bleeding. However, we all know that for the majority of females it does not work that way and sometimes you need to use products to help you through the journey. So here are some products that may make your period a little bit easier to manage.

Hot Water Bottle/ Heating Pads- A big water bottle which has a comfy, fluffy cover really can help. Heat works by relaxing the muscles of the uterus, consequently improving blood flow which combats cramps so it really can be useful when your period is being problematic. Heating pads are also good if you are travelling, they heat up by themselves so if you are at school or at a function somewhere you can just grab one out of your bag and put it on your abdomen. A lot easier and more discrete than carrying a massive hot water bottle around.

Waning Moon Bath Salts- These bath salts use Epsom salt and essential oils to balance the body during the pre-menstrual (waning moon) phase. Epsom is rich in magnesium which eases muscle tension while geranium and clary sage bring emotional balance. Heaven, honestly they make a bath so much better. I happen to be in the phase at the moment and they helped me relax so much! Just pop a hefty handful in (you get quite a bit of product) and you are good to go. Forage Botanicals overall is an incredible shop, it encourages natural/herbal ways to improve your period lead by a medical herbalist (so she knows her stuff). Check out the variety of products made for periods, and definitely give one a go.

Herbal Tea's- There are a lot of teas out there which are meant to have positive effects when you are experiencing PMS. Ginger tea is said to be anti-inflammatory and cinnamon is anti-spasmodic. Tea is a simple way to make yourself feel better, and I believe there has been a bit of research done in this area which does suggest that there are positive outcomes from drinking herbal tea during PMS. A lot of websites suggest making your own herbal tea with a range of ingredients is better than buying packaged ones as it gives you more freedom regarding what is in it. If you have enough time, have a look at making your own herbal teas and if not you can always buy some from shops.

Period Panties- Some Bridget Jones style panties is what every girl needs on their period. Be comfortable! Period panties also tend to prevent leaks as well which is really good if you have a heavy flow, and although they may be a bit more pricey than normal underwear they are definitely worth the investment.

Subscription Box- I love subscription boxes, and this period one from Pink Parcel is no exception. Not only do they deliver your chosen menstrual product but also extra things to help you along the way such as skincare products and healthy snacks. It is a really good pick me up each month for when you are feeling a bit shitty! I know a lot of people believe that it's not something you should celebrate and you shouldn't have to buy a box to make yourself feel better however I disagree. Periods are hard as fuck, and for some people getting through it is very difficult. Even if it is kind of easy, you still bleed for a week and have hormones all over the place, you deserve praise.

Livia- Basically this device transmits a pulse which keeps the nerves in your abdomen busy. Due to the fact they are busy, the nerve-gate is closed so the pain goes unfelt. This is a little bit pricey, but once again an investment if your period cramps are that bad and it has some decent reviews as well which is good.

Evening Primrose Oil Plus Other Herbal Products/Vitamins- Primrose oil is meant to help PMS as it is believed to help control the effects of excess prolactin, a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland (very scientific I know). Basically, it is meant to help balance your hormones. Honestly, I just could not be bothered to list all the other natural remedies that may help your period, there is a whole range of articles online about the positive effects of organic items such as agnus castus and chamomile so have a little look and make yourself a routine of extracts to take. It may be difficult to find them all and take a lot of time/effort but herbal remedies are one of the most recommended things for PMS so give it a go. Vitamins are also said to be a good thing to take the whole month to keep your body in a balanced state all the time, once again research never hurt anybody!

A Chocolate Bar-  A dark chocolate bar in moderation is great. Most dark chocolate does not include dairy which is great as dairy is something to avoid on your period. Chocolate normally satisfies those sweet tooth cravings everyone has and also realises dopamine which makes you happier. During your PMS, chocolate can be a lifesaver. This also applies to your personal most-loved foods, as eating something you love will increase the amount of serotonin in your brain making you feel a lot happier. Of course, make sure you only buy healthy products (ish) and do your research on what foods are best to eat whilst you are on your period.

A Teddy Bear- I did not say these products were going to be conventionally normal. Sometimes when you are PMS-ing and sad you just need something to cuddle and a teddy bear is a perfect solution (especially if you are partner-less).

Of course, it is difficult to find products to actually assist you through your period as little people know how to combat the pain. Hormones are the most complicated to control, and herbal remedies seem to be the only way to slightly combat PMS (although little research has been done in the area). Try out a range of different products along with breathing techniques and strange ways of sitting etc. and see if anything works for you. All I can say is that giving things a try doesn't hurt, and sometimes the least expected things can make you feel better.

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