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7 shows for crime lovers

I am a crime fanatic. Whether it be true crime, or fictional, I stick to all things crime-related like glue. It is kind of evident through my Unsolved/Missing/Unidentified series on my blog really, I find it all unbelievable interesting. So it's no surprise that I find myself drawn to crime based shows more than any other. I am aware that this is also an interest of many others, so if you're looking for new crime based shows to watch, look no further. Here some great shows for crime lovers (in no particular order)

Bones - 

I grew up watching this little show about a forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent, along with their team, discovering how each cases murder unfolded and who was the culprit. It sounds quite stereotypical, right? Completely wrong. Each episode brings something new to the table, they are all original, exciting and keep you on your feet. Not only is the crime part itself amazing, you learn so much useful knowledge through the show! The development of the characters is incredible, which really brings the show to life. Never have I found this show bland, and I could honestly watch it over and over again. There are cases that will make you laugh, cry, cringe and want to scream but all of them work so well and there are some episodes that you will never forget. Even the longer running storylines are so well thought out and do not get tiresome. Although I stated these were in no particular order, Bones is probably my favourite (it's my favourite show ever) and I couldn't recommend it enough. Especially because it introduced me to and encouraged me to go down my chosen career path (shout out to the character Sweets, when you meet him you will fall in love). Sadly, they ended the show in 2017 after an incredible 12 seasons, so there are a good 246 episodes for you to binge on (it was on Netflix, I am unsure if it is now but if not you can find it online)!

How To Get Away With Murder-

Honestly this show. Unbelievably gripping. Like it's one of those shows that you just cannot predict whats coming next because anything could happen. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through the episode and waiting for the next one is actual hell. I like the mixture in the beginning seasons of having crime cases the law students focus on and their own running storyline. It keeps the show moving, and keeps the crime coming strong. Sometimes the storylines are a little slow paced (especially in season 3), but they always through some random unexpected thing in to stir the pot. It is very original, and although it has its flaws it is so dramatic that once you start it's difficult to stop. I can't even tell you any parts of the different storylines because not only is it confusing (you really have to pay attention), every factor is part of the story, even telling you one little bit of information might dampen the suspense. The actors in the show are incredible as well, and Viola Davis is definitely a reason to watch. There are currently 3 and a half seasons out (it is on hiatus) and you can watch the first 2 on Netflix, if you want to watch the fourth you will have to find it online (because it is an American show it takes about a year to come on UK Netflix).


I swear everyone and their mother has heard of Dexter, but if you haven't you really should check it out. The idea of a serial killer that only kills bad people seems a bit odd, but it is executed really well. It blends dark, gory crime with character development to keep individual storylines running greatly, whether or not they be for a singular episode or long running. The writing is sharp, witty and refreshing and the complexity of the characters keeps the show going. Michael C. Hall plays Dexter with such a deep intensity that it is really easy to get lost in not only the show as a whole but his character itself. Although I admit there were some disappointing parts and sections over the series that didn't make sense, that was always resolved by the introduction of information later on or some sort of (what I thought was) suitable closure. There are 8 seasons in total (they stopped making it in 2013) and I think they have all just been removed from Netflix which is a bummer! You can find them online or if you have Sky TV they were recently all added on there.

Prison Break-

To be fair I probably don't even need to discuss this show, do I? The plot is incredibly intriguing and well thought out. Honestly, there are so many parts that interconnect however it all makes perfect sense which is both relieving and exciting. Every character that is introduced adds something new to the story and brings their own intensity. I think that's one of the things that makes the show as incredible as it is, not only does Wentworth Miller do an excellent job, every single actor in that show brings something refreshing and plays their character so well. The narrative runs smoothly throughout the whole show, which is great and it never fails to keep you hooked. Once you start watching it is near impossible to stop, as waiting to find out what happens next becomes more than you can bear. I could talk about Prison Break for ages, but you should go in with an open mind and discover it for yourself. It is one of those shows that once you've watched, you will understand everyone else. I believe it's on Netflix, obviously, it's online and it was on Sky at some point, plus there are 5 seasons for you to watch (I think they are bringing out another one, who knows? It went on an eight-year hiatus before).

Hawaii Five-O-

Another show I was brought up on, Hawaii Five-O is an odd one. It is packed with excitement and dramatic storylines, which don't always make sense. Which is kind of an issue but? It is very much a love it or hate it type show, so I did not know whether or not to include it on my list. However, it is very much a show that gets you invested in the characters very easily. The show is lighthearted and very humorous, which is always good in crime shows. It isn't too intense, but there are some extremely intense cases that put you on the edge of your seat. Once again this is much more of a long-running show, the storylines normally last longer than just one episode or are brought up at later dates which bothers me a little sometimes however overall it isn't too bad. The writing has gone downhill in later seasons, however, I think it is starting to pick back up again which is good. There are 7 and a half seasons out (it had just returned from hiatus) and if you're not from the US I think you can only find it online.

The Five-

This was a ten-part series shown on Sky TV and oh my, it was one of the most intense, incredible things I think I have ever witnessed. I wasn't going to include this as it isn't a continuous TV show, however, the one series warrants everyone watching it. The plot is a magnet for attention, you get so gripped you cannot let go. There is plot turns here there and everywhere, and I kid you not there is no way you will be able to expect what is coming. I truly believe even Sherlock Holmes would not be able to discover the mystery behind this show because there are so many knots in the narrative. You know that meme of the man looking distressed, trying to work something out with a load of writing on boards? That will actually be you. No lie. That will be you trying to get from one episode to the next, even trying to make it one minute to the next. Trying to explain the intensity of the show just makes it sound shit really but it is amazing!

The Missing-

This BBC crime show was incredible! It has two seasons but they do not relate to one another, all the characters are different except a detective who appears in both. If I am honest I only watched series 2 because that appealed to me most, however, I do think I am going to give season one a go. The series is about a girl who went missing aged 12, when she returns 10 years later they are on a search to find out what happened to her whilst she was gone. However, like The Five not everything is how it seems, and there a twist and turns that point the story in a direction you would have never imagine. It is one of those shows that predicting what will happen next is hardly ever possible because things that you weren't expecting are just sprung on you. The narrative is a bit hard to follow sometimes as there are three different timelines which all have the same amount of significance, however it makes sense after the first episode or two. You will squeam, and be on the edge of your seat and nervous laugh because the story is so compelling and confusing (in a good way!). I am unsure whether or not you can stream it on BBC IPlayer however it is definitely online somewhere and you can buy the DVD if needs be.

Have you seen any of these crime shows? if so, let me know your thoughts on them or any another crime shows that you have seen!
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  1. Great post but I have to add CSI Las Vegas to my list 💕

    1. Thank you so much, I have never seen that show I may have to give it a little go X

  2. I love crime shows and I haven't seen any of these so I'll have a lot to do now.

  3. Hi, I have watched all of these except for Prision break, Bones is my favourite and I was sad to see it end. I was disappointed by The Five.

    1. I was SO sad to see it leave as well, think I may have shed a tear at some point! I have heard major mixed reviews on The Five, I obviously loved it but one of my friends hated it. A little bit like marmite I reckon X

  4. I have literally just finished dexter yesterday! And I’ve watched nearly all the shows on your list, as you can see I’m kind of obsessed ahah

  5. I’ve heard so many good things about The Missing, I’m going to have to check it out now 💕. Great post with loads of fab ideas! xx

    Bexa |

  6. I grew up watching Bones too! Started when I was about 10, I was heartbroken when it ended and sadly it is not on Netflix. That gloriously socially awkward woman was my absolute hero growing up. I love How To Get Away With Murder too, other than Dexter I don't think I've seen any of the others so I have a few things to add to the list. Thanks for sharing! x


  7. I'm a big fan of Prison Break , I recently started watching it again where I had left off and I'm now on season 4. I'm also watching Breaking Bad and it's really good! Dexter sounds really interesting, maybe I'll give it a try next.Thanks for the lovely recommendations!
    Maria |

    1. I think I would enjoy Breaking Bad, I may add it to my watch list! Dexter is a very good show, 100% worth trying X

  8. I've watched some of these. I'm currently working through Endeavour, the stories of a young Inspector Morse.

  9. My favorite is the Law and Order franchise. I've heard about Dexter, I'll have to check that one out

  10. Great list, I love Bones I've re watched all seasons couple of times. Never seen Prison Break though. Love crime shows! Have you seen The Jinx? I thought that was good.

    Emma x

    1. I haven't seen The Jinx but I'm looking for something new to watch so I might give it a go! X

  11. Bones!!!! Yessss! I love Bones!
    Check out Black List too :). I also love Criminal Minds :)


    1. Bones is my all time winner! My parents watch The Blacklist so perhaps I should have a look X

  12. Haven't seen any of these but have actually heard amazing things about How to get away with murder and Dexter, may have to give them a go! especially with HTGAWM is getting another season soon x

  13. I loved Bones! it was always so witty and I was quite sad when it finished but I guess all good things must come to an end as some point. OMG HTGAWM is banging! I def need to catch up on this season, thanks for reminding me hun!

    xx Lena |


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