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loving your surroundings

As a child, I loved where I grew up. All the neighbours knew one another, you could speak to anybody and there was always something interesting going on. My parents are still together, but I spent my childhood between two estates as my grandparents and extended family were based on the other side of town. Growing up was never a bore, I was never bothered by what went on around me or the people I was surrounded with, and then I hit secondary school.

As soon as I hit around fourteen, I got slapped around the face by reality. In a conversation with one of my friends, she asked why my parents didn't simply buy another house seeing as myself and two siblings were required to share a room. When I stated my parents didn't own our house, she proceeded to ask if they privately rented, and with the idea that I lived on a council estate becoming apparent, her reaction changed. Watching the expression of a person you are talking to change is intriguing, and I was especially interested in t…

unsolved: the black dahlia

On the morning of January 15, 1947, local resident Betty Bersigner and her three-year-old daughter discovered the naked, severed body of a woman in a Los Angles parking lot.

Her severely mutilated body was severed at the waist, leaving her in two separate parts, completely drained of blood. It was later concluded that due to the lack of bruising, the body must have been served after death. Medical examiners concluded that her murder was committed either late January 14th or in the early hours of the 15th. Her body had been previously washed by the killer and carefully positioned. The lower half of her body was placed a foot away from the other, with the corpse being positioned with her hands over her head, her elbows bent and her legs spread apart. The culprit had also slashed from the corners of her mouth to her ears, creating an effect known as the Glasgow smile (where individuals slash their face to leave scars that resemble a smile) and she had several cuts on her thighs and breast…

how to drink more water

I very much used to be one of those people that knew she should drink two litres of water a day but still never quite got there. My brain fully comprehended the fact water has a ton of benefits, but the actual process of remembering to drink two litres a day was a bit overwhelming.

Now for those of you that are not aware of the benefits of drinking water, here are a few:

Improves skin complexionBoosts immune systemFlushes out toxinsBoosts metabolismIncreases hair strengthThere a ton of more technical positives of drinking water, however, I am sure most people are aware of how good it is. It wasn't until the start of 2018 that I decided I was going to make an effort to complete two litres of water a day. I actually made an effort as well, like fully tried to drink enough water and it is going really well. So, I thought I would share with you how I actually convinced myself to drink two litres a day, and how I keep up with it.

Two litres a day may be too much- If you're just starti…

mother's day gift guide (a bit last minute)

Mother's Day is on March 11th in the UK, which is in 9 days. Realistically, that is not that long away, however, don't fear, there is still time to get your mother a class gift which she will love! Here is my round up of the best gifts for this year's Mother's Day (even if it is a bit last minute).

Miss Patisserie Bath Set- Sometimes mum's really need some me-time, so giving them a relaxing bath set is perfect for that all-important break. This bath set contains a bath melt, a bath crumble and a bath ball, all vegan and natural, as well as currently on offer for just £7.50 (there are other bath sets/items on there if you wish to have a browse). How perfect!

High-End Makeup- If your mother wears makeup every day, or even just for those special occasions, getting her one or a few items of high-end makeup is a brilliant gift. Debenhams have a range of high-end makeup, some of which is currently on offer, perfect to make her look and feel even more beautiful than she alr…