how to drink more water

I very much used to be one of those people that knew she should drink two litres of water a day but still never quite got there. My brain fully comprehended the fact water has a ton of benefits, but the actual process of remembering to drink two litres a day was a bit overwhelming.

Now for those of you that are not aware of the benefits of drinking water, here are a few:

  • Improves skin complexion
  • Boosts immune system
  • Flushes out toxins
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases hair strength
There a ton of more technical positives of drinking water, however, I am sure most people are aware of how good it is. It wasn't until the start of 2018 that I decided I was going to make an effort to complete two litres of water a day. I actually made an effort as well, like fully tried to drink enough water and it is going really well. So, I thought I would share with you how I actually convinced myself to drink two litres a day, and how I keep up with it.

  1. Two litres a day may be too much- If you're just starting out, drinking two litres a day will probably make you bloated as hell and be really difficult. Take it slowly and build up your water intake bit by bit. Your body will appreciate every extra bit of water it gets, so not drinking the full amount to start off with won't matter.
  2. Pace yourself- Don't try to just drink water at certain points in the day, make sure you have a bottle of water at all times. Even when you think you're not thirsty, your body will automatically tell you to pick up the bottle if it is getting a bit dehydrated, You will be surprised at the amount you actually need water. Drinking throughout the day will reduce the chance of water intoxication. It also makes it seem like you are drinking less than you actually are, not actively counting and making yourself stick to set times may help you to naturally drink more. 
  3. Timed water bottle- I know I said don't stick to set times but you could use a bottle with times on for a rough guideline. You don't have to follow them perfectly but if you like structure or think you may need a bit of help along the way, get a pretty water bottle with times on!
  4. Add flavour- Drinking water doesn't have to be boring. Add some lemon or strawberries or whatever you love, it will make the water taste better and you will feel more inclined to drink more.
  5. Drink when you go to the bathroom- This is my favourite tip. Basically, every time you go to the toilet just have a drink. Eventually, you will need to go to the bathroom more and then you will have to drink more and it is just a continual cycle which will make you drink more water. You could even drink every time you go into the kitchen to get a snack or just if you go in there for no reason (like me). Whatever room you go to the most is the best to use, however, I do recommend the bathroom!
  6. Habits- Drink before and after each meal. Even if it is just a small glass, your brain will register it as second nature after some time and you will just do it naturally. There is also evidence that drinking water before a meal may help you lose weight as you feel less hungry.
  7. Don't feel bad if you forget- Your body isn't going to have a meltdown if you forget to drink two litres for a few days or if you drink no water and only fizzy drinks for a day. Putting yourself down when you haven't completed a goal inherently makes you more likely to just give up. Take every day as it comes, as some days you aren't going to feel like drinking 2 litres and somedays you may want to drink 5. Just make sure you don't give up on it.
So there you have it. My top tips on how to drink more water. Remember that a hydrated body is a more happy body, and you will begin to see the benefits soon enough! Side note, don't buy plastic bottles! Of course, if you have too for some reason please keep it and reuse it as much as you can instead of throwing it away. Get an actual water bottle to use, it is much more sustainable both for you in the long term and the environment!


  1. Some brilliant tips. For a long time I was similar in knowing I should be drinking a lot more water than I was but over the past couple months I've been increasing my intake. One thing what worked for me was always having to carry a bottle of water with me wherever I went.

    1. Carrying a bottle of water with me is one of my essentials now! I am always stressy if I don't have one haha

  2. I've been trying to drink more water so I know I have to keep on going until it becomes a part of my routine.

  3. These tips are amazing! I don't drink enough water so thank you for the tips! Lovely blog post! 😊✨

    Shirley |

  4. These are great tips to drinking more water! Loved this post xx

  5. Great tips! I definitely need to work on drinking more water, I'm terrible for not doing it!

  6. This was such a great post! I really need to drink more water but I don't particularly like it! I'll definitely be using these tips to help me drink more though!

    Jess xx

  7. that drinking when you pee trick is genius! Definitely need to try all of these tips!


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