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mother's day gift guide (a bit last minute)

Mother's Day is on March 11th in the UK, which is in 9 days. Realistically, that is not that long away, however, don't fear, there is still time to get your mother a class gift which she will love! Here is my round up of the best gifts for this year's Mother's Day (even if it is a bit last minute).

Miss Patisserie Bath Set- Sometimes mum's really need some me-time, so giving them a relaxing bath set is perfect for that all-important break. This bath set contains a bath melt, a bath crumble and a bath ball, all vegan and natural, as well as currently on offer for just £7.50 (there are other bath sets/items on there if you wish to have a browse). How perfect!

High-End Makeup- If your mother wears makeup every day, or even just for those special occasions, getting her one or a few items of high-end makeup is a brilliant gift. Debenhams have a range of high-end makeup, some of which is currently on offer, perfect to make her look and feel even more beautiful than she already is.

A Subscription Box- As mentioned in previous gift guides, I love subsrciption boxes! This one from Boxie gives you mutilple beauty, stationery and lifestyle products which you can purchase as a one off (if you're on a budget) or as an ongoing subscription for mother love all year round.

A Few of Her Favourite Things- Would this even be an ELSSTHINKS gift guide if it didn't include a hamper or two? A basket full of her most-loved items is probably the best gift because it is specifically suited to her. Here is a list of things you can include, and my favourite places to get them/brands: a bath bomb (Lush), some skincare (Anatomicals, check out my review), a little bottle of wine (B&M Stores), some makeup (Makeup Revolution), a book (Amazon* or Book Depository*), a film (Amazon*), some chocolates (Lindor), earrings (Depop). Of course, there are a ton of other items you could include, but if I was to make a hamper, these are the things I would put in!

Perfume- Smelling fabulous is always a winner, so picking your mother up a refill of the perfume she loves, one she has always wanted to try or one you simply like the look of is a great idea. Fragrance Direct is the perfect website for this as they always have offers on great brands!

A Colorland Personalised Gift- Personalised gifts are always great, they really give you the chance to give your mother something extra special! Colorland has a wide range of personalised gifts, from photo books to canvases and mugs. You can include any text, and any pictures you wish, making it brilliant to give to the most special lady in your life. I am especially in love with their personalised mugs, my mother drinks hot drinks all the time, so having a mug which is made just for her (that no one else can use) is something she would love!
If you used the code MDELSSTHINKS you can get a coloured mug for £8.99 plus free shipping, saving you a massive 50%! Colorland currently ship to the UK, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany, France, Italy and Belguim so if you live in any of those countries be sure to check them out!

A Millie's Cookie- If your mother has a sweet tooth you could buy her chocolate or a plain desert or whatever, or you could buy her a massive personalised cookie. I know which one I would prefer. Millie's cookies are really yummy, so building your mum a tasty cookie from scratch is basically perfect!

A Cluse Watch*- Watches are a great idea for mothers, especially because they have so little time and are always on a schedule! I have a Cluse watch myself and I absolutely love it. Not only is it sleek as hell, it works perfectly time and has no damages even though I have chucked it around so much.

Teapot- Tea is one of my mother's favourite thing, so buying her a patterned, fancy teapot is something I think she would really appreciate. You could place this alongside some matching cups, a tea/coffee/sugar pot or some of her favourite tea/biscuits!

A Gift Card- Once again, would it even be an ELSSTHINKS gift guide if I didn't include a gift card as one as the ideas. What can I say, it's a simple idea perfect for everyone. Just purchase your mother a card for her favourite store and voila, an automatic winner.

A Print- I adore this cat print from Emma Powell Design! It is so minimalistic but the perfect gift this mother's day, it will look brilliant on any wall in the house. Emma does a range of beautiful prints which are high quality, of a good price and allow you to support a small business.

Sleep Kit- Busy mothers may find it difficult to sleep, especially if they have young children to look after. So this Feather Down Sleep Essentials kit is perfect to help them get that ever important good night sleep. Buying it in a travel set is a good idea, not only does it allow them to transport it around easily if they ever have anywhere else to go, it also allows them to try the products instead of spending a ton of money on full sized things which they may not be a fan of.

Pick 'n' Melt Candle-  This website allows you to pick wax melts in your favourite scents! They have 350 scents in total, all for a very decent price. This is perfect to include alongside other gifts, giving your mother some melts to burn whilst she relaxes in her bath or whilst drinking a cup of tea!

A Day Trip- Sometimes we don't spend enough quality times with our mother's, so putting a day aside to do activities together or even just chat is very important. You could go on a day trip together, perhaps to a spa or somewhere like London, or you could simply go out for lunch/dinner together and have a long catch up! Groupon has some great deals on day trips if you are looking to save a little money.

Fruiteatox- Detoxing your body is important at times, and we have all heard of mothers not feeling themselves/not caring for themselves enough. Giving them a 14 day or 28 day tea detox could really help them feel happy, healthier and return them to an all round better being. Fruiteatox has great reviews and is of a really decent price!

I hope your mother has a brilliant mother's day whatever she may be doing, and if you are a mum remember you are 100% fabulous!

(All the links with stars are affiliate links, I make a little comission through each purchase and Colorland sent me a mug in colloboration however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own, lying is so 2015)


  1. So many amazing ideas! Lovely blog post! 😊✨

    Shirley |

  2. These are some fab ideas! I love the hamper and day out - there's nothing better than an experience xx

  3. So many super good ideas, and so helpful for me whose left it way to late, thank you!!xxxx

  4. Aw I love the cat photo too, reminds me of my kitty Luna!


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