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I have been an HTGAWM fan since it began, and I cannot count the number of times I have stayed up until 2/3am just to watch it when it goes live in the US. I think it is an incredible show, so for those who have watched and for those who haven't, I have compiled a list of thoughts, simply to make you reconsider your opinions/I love reading peoples opinions of shows I have watched to see how they differ so this may be of use to you. I have tried to make it as spoiler free as possible, of course, there are some spoilers in there but the big reveal of each season I have kept a secret just in case you have not watched/finished it yet. Oh, and it is a long one, so grab a cup of tea and some snacks and enjoy!.

This season is incredibly quick paced, packed with a ton of twists and turns. Throughout the season there are sections that make no sense, and this continues in the later seasons, however, the layout of the show makes these small issues irrelevant, they have little impact on the storyline. The switch between timelines is extremely refreshing, it has become a signature mark for the show and is present in every season which is a brilliant way of revealing what lead up to the crime rather than the actual crime. Rhimes sets up an intriguing storyline which builds itself slowly but intensely, and the first episode sets up the basis for the rest of the seasons in its entirety, it all builds from this, even season 4.

Onto the actual storyline, I think the whole Bonnie/Sam could have been explored more in this season as the true meaning of their relationship was kind of unknown. I was not a Rebecca fan at all, she made everything way too difficult and all about herself, all of the problems mainly stemmed from her. The scene where Annalise removes all of her makeup is incredible, it symbolically shows how she puts on a facade each day that is different to her true self, as character development goes this is brilliant, it makes you consider the true Annalise. I really like the fact that each episode is loosely based around a member of the Keating 5/the characters, it gives you more of an insight into the actual characters personality/lives instead of the episodes focusing generally on all of them. I stick with the fact I don't understand why Wes was so intent on helping Rebecca, I don't think that she deserved the help she could have just carried on with her life and let Griffin go down for murder instead of focusing on Sam, everything bad that has happened literally stemmed from her not being able to leave it and Wes not just ringing the police that night. I tell you what I love though, the fact that Annalise throws Nate under the bus multiple times however he still always goes back to her, regardless of whether or not he is trying to mess up her life. I just think they all should just know when to stop doing things, plus I think they could have had fewer episodes to reveal who the real killer was, as I found it a bit prolonged.

Honestly, I do not like the Hapstall case, there was just something about the construction of it that I did not like, I think it was probably because I thought Caleb and Catherine were annoying as hell. This season is full of moments that you think make absolutely no sense and then later you're like 'oh yeah I get this' because it plays into a bigger storyline. Rhimes is great at creating tension between the characters yet still creating incredible relationships, something which is key in season one as well. All of the characters contrast and compliment each other so well, which is very important for the storylines and individual character development.

During this season they focused on some important storylines, especially the HIV situation which highlights the importance of getting sexually checked. Eve and Annalise are the bisexual queens we all wanted but no one deserved. Emily Sinclair has been a bitch from the beginning of time, and I literally feel no remorse or sadness for her situation. I think Bonnie and Laurel can be really good friends when they are not hating one another, I have never really understood the tension between those two but I think it may be based on Frank. I stick by the fact that Annalise should have given up on the Hapstall case, it was a waste of time and just annoying. Meet Bonnie was an incredible episode, not only due to what it revealed about Bonnie which makes you consider everything she has done but also just due to the rest of the story. Annalise must be extremely good at sex seeing as they all go back to her over and over again. This is something I do not understand, Emily died in the car park but no one was ever shown cleaning up her blood which there must have been? Surely someone would have been suspicious if there was blood or just a puddle of water on the floor? Also, what did they do with her car? Was there no CCTV? Why, oh why, oh why oh why did Frank tell Laurel his secret, he should have just told her about Rebecca and left it as that. I am not a fan of Laurel and Wes and I will express my hatred of the couple, later on, I don't even prefer Laurel and Frank (perhaps I do) I just don't think they work well together, plus Laurel has cheated on every man she has been with during law school, wise up woman. Bonnie does not know when to shut up, as I have already expressed in Season 1, if she wasn't such a nosy bitch they all would have been okay, these people don't consider the consequences of their actions fully. Asher and Michaela I surprisingly like, I think they are a very odd couple but in sort of a good way. I feel bad for Frank. There I said it. This show used him as very much the scapegoat character for everything bad that happened. Viola is incredible at being heartbreaking, Annalise in the last episode, I sobbed so much.

I honestly found the end of season 2 and all of season 3 extremely difficult to watch, not only because of some of the subject matters but I also found myself enjoying the show less, possibly because everyone was falling down around the characters. I also find the show packed way too much in each episode during this season, making it more challenging to follow along and consider all the information like you could in the first two seasons. As well as this, the scenes simply did not run as smoothly as before, it was all a little jumpy in places and I found that there was a lot of confusion, making this probably my least favourite season. I did not rewatch this season so my opinions/little comments on the show will not be in order like the last two seasons, however, you will still get the jist.

The right person died in the fire. A very unpopular opinion, I know but not only was I not really a massive fan of the chacter (I can understand the past truama and everything that has happened in their life, the character just did not stand out to me) it also made sense in terms of the storylines/the weird focus on the person from the first two seasons, in hindsight they probably set out to do something to the character in the first place (I am trying not to give away too many spoilers if you haven't seen it yet). Denver takes the spot of the second most annoying person on that show after Emily Sinclair, he is just a horrible man. I felt less sorry for Frank in this season, especially finding out about his past, however, there is still a part of me that just wished they gave him an easy way out or made everyone understand why he did what he did (which although still unexplainable, they have also all done bad things). Bonnie and Frank, everyone already knew it must have been a thing seeing as they have worked there so long but it does not make it any better. Oliver deserves so much better than all of them, so much better. Another unpopular opinion but I do not like Conor and Oliver simply because Ollie is so pure and they have just entangled him in something terrible, and I also think their relationship, in general, is unhealthy. Continuing on with the difficult storylines as always, the alcoholism of Annalise was played in very well, especially as you have seen it in previous seasons. I like when shows actually make sense. Karla Souza (she plays Laurel) is an incredible actress, I think all of her scenes are flawless and phenomenal.

I think this season was a big bounce back for the show, especially the second half of the season. I enjoyed the quiet build of character drama and the inclusion of a new character (new to murder) into their schemes, which made it a lot more refreshing. The show struggles with sometimes including too many flashbacks, which although are important, do become slightly tedious at times. If you're from the UK you probably have not seen this season yet (unless you watched it online like me or have seen it on Sky) so you might want to skip ahead.

I appreciate Laurel's obsession to find out what happened to Wes, but as I've mentioned previously, sometimes there are times when you have to take it slow for a bit, especially if you are pregnant. There is a level of me that appreciates that they have managed to forgive Frank, he has still done some bad things but he adds a lot more to the show than a lot of people think. At least they only kill bad people, Simon was annoying. Annalise growing back her sense of purpose is what I am here for. Laurel can be very pushy at times. Bonnie and Annalise have some major tension, that toxic relationship is terrible but makes great TV. Isaac is very odd, I don't understand him or his purpose. I cried watching every single Laurel and baby scene, either sadness or happiness I was a mess. Laurel's mother was annoying. Frank is trying his hardest, bless him. I feel for Asher, he is so in love with Michaela but she is really doing him wrong. This whole crossover thing was good, I am not really a fan of shows mixing together but it was done really well! I am so glad everything is working out for them. It probably won't last for long but I am so glad it all is going well. Laurel (and Frank) are going to be great parents, and I am so glad everyone is a happy-ish family again.

I do think it will be picked up for another season, however, I think this will be it's last. Unless it can come up with some new storyline that does not reflect what they have previously done, they will probably struggle to pick up the numbers they need to keep going. Next season, I hope they leave what has happened in the past, I enjoy them going back to what they have previously done but I think it gets a bit tedious at points. I will not be at all impressed if they hurt the baby, or Laurel and Frank in any way. I think the focus on those two characters need to be diverted and perhaps Micheala should be the key person in next season. Hopefully they do not murder anyone else, but something else happens instead, however, I feel like one of the main characters is going to die, possibly Bonnie. I am not quite sure where else the show can go at the moment unless Nate kills someone? That would be a plot twist and a half. Who knows?

Annalise- The strong, black, female lead that everyone deserves. All she has done is protect others, as well as herself in the process. Of course, she has made some bad decisions and has done things that have made every situation worse, however, she remains the mother of the group which they all both hate and love. I think perhaps it is time she goes back to teaching and completing cases like in the first season to get herself back on track.Viola plays her so well, and her character is both heartwarming and heartwrenching.

Bonnie- I am not a massive Bonnie fan, however, I think her story is heartbreaking which adds so much background to her as a character. I do find her annoying at times, but she does her best to protect Annalise in any situation which is sweet and also odd in parts, especially when Annalise is mean to her all the time. If she dies, I would not exactly be that heartbroken but I think it would change the dynamic largely as she does have quite a big effect on the show, perhaps more than the character is given credit for sometimes.

Frank- Every show needs a reoccurring bad boy and Frank is just that. His past is still a bit confusing, however, the bad things he has done are not good at all. I think he is an interesting character, who has been through some good developments but could definitely see more. It's a case of he is trying to be good, but never quite gets there. As I have previously mentioned, I think he has had a much bigger role in the show that seems obvious, all the little things he has done really do add up and he is the character that makes every single storyline makes sense. I want to see more of late season 1/early season 2 Frank, still very much a bad boy but sweet as well. If you have seen my Twitter, you know I adore Charlie Weber, I think he is gorgeous and Frank's accent is to die for which also helps my opinion of the character.

Laurel- I am a big Laurel fan, and also a big Karla Souza fan. She has also turned out to be quite a huge part of the storyline/what happened to them, something I do not think anyone would have expected looking at how she was in the first season. In the last season two seasons, she has been a bit annoying, however, I guess that is kind of understandable. I want her to go back to how she first was, someone who just wanted to do good for the world. They have made all the characters monsters, but I think they should have let her be. Every scene that she is in is incredible, as she has this odd way of talking people around which is a crucial part of the show. A great character

Michaela- An underrated character who has not got as much airtime as she deserves, especially as the majority of that has been focused on her love life. I am so down for them giving her a girlfriend next season, I think it would be incredible and would do so much good for the show, however, in all honesty, she does not need any love interest at all. She has given some amazing quotes from the one-liners she said, all of which are bad a** and brilliant. Her rationality is refreshing and is a very useful thing to have in that group of people, however, she has proved in the last season that she is changing as a person and is possibly becoming a bit more desensitised, something not great. She has always strived for success, but they may be taking that too far.

Asher- I do not really understand the purpose of his character seeing as they never really paid much attention to his until season 2, and then he has sort have been lost in the mist of it all. Not having him as one of the original killers has made his character seem less meaningful, and I wish they had a storyline where he was not just being the silly kid that everyone laughs at or chasing after a girl. A ton more development needs to be done, as I just don't really have an opinion on him. He isn't a bad guy, I can understand why he did what he did throughout, he just lacks true substance.

Connor/Oliver- I have put these two in one because I think a lot of their storylines are based around Coliver. As I have mentioned, I think they should give the couple a break and make it more healthy than it has been before. Connor will be a great lawyer, he has a lot more too him than is being shown, especially his more vulnerable side, he is also a very rational character. Oliver is just pure, I don't want him to be dragged into anything I just want him to be happy. 

Nate- This was a last minute inclusion because I did not really know what to write about him, I do not have much of an opinion on the guy other than I find it odd that he goes back to Annalise every time she does something wrong, and he has been of quite a lot of help to them. Without him they would not have got away with everything, I do think he has some importance he just isn't very key in my eyes.

I want to know your opinions on the show, whether or not it be individual seasons/characters, the show as a whole or situations they have been in, let me know what you think, especially if you have got some strong opinions. I am very happy to have Twitter discussions about it if you want a new HTGAWM friend, so just send me a DM! I hope you enjoyed.


  1. My friend's been loving HTGAWM too but I still haven't watched it, oops! Lovely blog post, Elise! 😊✨

    Shirley |

  2. I started watching the show but it really didn't grqb me. Loved the post, though!

  3. I'm going to be honest and tell you I only skimmed the first part of the post as I didn't want to spoil the last season for myself. love this show and awesome post you did on it!


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