*how to look for love

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Most people are looking for some kind of love, or at least wouldn't mind if it hit them in the face. Yet, it can be difficult to discover. Either because you are looking in the wrong places or don't know where to look at all. Dating can be daunting, putting yourself out there does not come easily to some people (including me) which makes it difficult to approach people you find attractive. I also find we are scared of rejection, we hold ourselves back because we are scared of the worst of a situation, even if the worst is not that bad. It can reduce people to this bubble of loneliness, and not only does it prevent people from finding friends, it prevents them from finding love.

Yet, we live in a world of online presence. A time where you do not have to walk into a bar and physically approach someone. A time where you can discover what a person is like before talking to them. A time where having fun with people you do not know is more acceptable. A time where dating is different.

So for me, and all the other more socially awkward people out there, or even those that just prefer to optimize technology, online dating is a tool which works in our favour. It allows you to find new people, to connect with them before you fully engage with them, and it gives you the opportunity to slowly build your confidence. 

Generally, I think there is a bit of a mixed view on finding people online. Of course, you have to be aware of the risks and you have to remember it isn't always going to be a perfect match like on First Dates. However, it does have its positives. Plus, it does not have to be expensive. Why pay for dating? Yes, there are sites out there that you can pay for, however, you can have just as much fun on free dating sites which cater for all ages. Which, is indeed an advantage of online dating, it is easier to find people that match your age range as well as your personality! See, the positives are just rolling in.

I, personally, believe that free online dating can be very useful for those looking to find all types of relationships. Whether or not it be simply sex or a long-time companionship, finding people online has the ability to give you that extra support that you may struggle to find when approaching people. It allows you to get a 'feel' for a person and feel a ton more comfortable whilst trying to date. I am not doubting the fact there are other ways to find a partner, you can approach people whilst out and about, get a friend to set up a date or just wait for the perfect person to find you. However, if none of those is options you wish to follow, online dating may be for you.

I hope you find love or some sort of companionship. Whether or not it simply be a platonic love or a sexual hookup, we all have needs we wish to meet and doing that how you personally feel best is completely fine. It can be difficult to look for love, it can take time and you can encounter some really bad experiences. Yet, you live and you learn and eventually, you will find someone who is perfect for you, whether or not it is the person you ran into in the corner shop or the person from halfway across the country you met on a dating app.




  1. Meeting online takes off the stress of awkward silence. I made such great friends this way, however, I have always felt a bit iffy going out with a total stranger. Lovely post, Elss!


  2. Lovely blog post, Elise! 😊 I've never used a dating app and probably will never use it since I'm in a happy relationship but I do think that dating apps are a really amazing for people who don't really like to approach people in person, or that don't like blind dates, ... 😊

    Shirley | https://shirleycuypers.blogspot.be

  3. This is a great post 💕 Especially as online dating is often looked down upon but, as you said, it can be a really easy and useful way of meeting people if you're shy or socially awkward 😃

  4. Lovely blog post! I think online dating is the way forward these days - personally my boyfriend and I met online and we pair together so well. I have online dating to thank for that xx

  5. Such a well written post! I have never used it but if I was single I would definetly try online dating!

  6. Lovely post! I've been with my bf for 8 years, since I was 15 so have never used a dating app before. My mother met my step father through online dating though and they're really happy together :)


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