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*is online dating for you?

(*This post has kindly been sponsored by Digital Dudes LTD, however, all opinions/views are completely my own!)

The world is a big place, and the online world is even bigger. In my last post, I discussed online dating as a way to look for love as well as other platforms you could use to find that special someone, or even someone that is not that special (depending on which you wish to find). Today, I want to talk about if online dating could work for you or whether or not an alternative way of looking for connections would be better for you.

As I have mentioned beforehand, online dating is a fabulous way to connect with a range of new people for a range of different reasons. It allows you to gain more confidence, to get a feel for the person before you meet and to find people with similar interests to yourself. However, you do have to consider whether or not you think it is for you. Especially as there is a range of positives and negatives to talking to people online. It is important to not only consider the wider issues but personal problems that may prevent online dating from being fabulous.

You don't have to just consider it in the sense of long-term love, it can also be used just as a hook-up. Oh not, casual sex lets run and hide. As I have mentioned, there are risks attached to online dating, probably more-so if you are looking for meaningless hookups. Yet, if that is what you are into, looking online is probably a good place to look. No strings dating sort of thing. If that is you, adult dating sites are probably the best place to sign up too. Especially as there will be like minded people on there (you can change the country in the top corner of the linked page to suit you).

When considering if online dating is for you, it is always good to hear about other peoples experiences using free dating sites (you can change the country in the top corner of the linked page to suit you) as it helps you to decide whether or not you feel like it is a good fit. 

'I found quite a mix of guys. Of course, you get the weirdos that flirt too much and straight up ask for your number. I've actually also met some genuinely lovely guys too. I made friends with one guy who was actually very normal and lived just a few roads down from me. I would definitely recommend online dating to people and friends. There's a lot of digging to do, swiping left and eliminating weirdos. But you also meet some genuine guys and occasionally even partners.
Romi //'

As you can see from Romi's personal experience of online dating, she highly recommends giving it a try as long as you spend your time thinking about who you actually want to engage with. Even if you do not find a long time partner, there is always the chance to find friends that can hook you up with someone or can just be there for you. No matter what your age, or your sexuality, online dating can be a useful experience.

You may not gain love, but you will gain a load of different life skills that you can apply in a range of situations. You may also gain a ton of funny stories to share with friends or future partners. I think online dating is for everyone, it has the possibility to change your life. As technology is moving forward, we might as well use services to optimize our lives and this is one of those things that can have a positive outcome. However, if you decide online dating is not for you, there are a range of other ways you can look for love.

Would you recommend online dating? Let me know!



  1. Great post! I found my fiancĂ© via online dating I’m a fan. Lol

  2. I don't really believe in online dating, few of my friends have said however that instead of partners they find friends! So I guess online dating doesn't always have to end in a romantic relationships :)

  3. I met my boyfriend online, and we've been together for almost 4 and a half years! I don't think online dating can be as bad as some people make it out to be, but you do have to be cautious and careful. It is also great for making friends too! Great post, thanks for sharing :)

    1. Congratulations! That's a long time! I am so glad online dating worked out for you X

  4. Great post! A few of our friends who are now happily married found their life partners through online dating.


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