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*casual and consensual

(*This post has kindly been sponsored by Digital Dudes LTD, however, all views and opinions are completely my own)

Thousands of people are involved in casual relationships each year. Whether or not it be a one night stand or an agreement which lasts slightly longer. Arguably, the amount of casual sex is on the rise with the introduction of technology and adult dating sites, as well as the change in social attitudes over the past few decades. There is nothing wrong with a casual relationship, it is designed to fulfil the needs of each party and there is no issue in engaging in only sexual activity with a person. I personally believe having casual relationships is quite a positive thing, it seems like an opportunity to build some form of self-confidence and make you sexually happy without the commitment of a full relationship. However, it is important that each member of the relationship keeps themselves safe and fully consents to the agreement. When considering having casual relationships, there are multiple things you need to consider/do to make the experience safe and enjoyable.

Know what you want: A one night stand? A continual agreement. Consider what you want from the arrangement and come to a mutual agreement. It is so important to have clear communication, especially if you are only meeting for sex. Make sure you know where all parties are at with what the deal is, and ensure that everyone is comfortable with what is happening.

Ensure each party actively consents: Make sure that all members involved in the sexual activity actively consent. Not simply a nod of the head, or what sounds like a pressured yes. Ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable with what they are taking part in and make clear that they can stop the sexual relationship at any point, whether or not it be during sex or after. This is the most important thing about engaging in casual sex. You need to ensure it is fully consensual with someone who is able to consent. They must be of the legal age and not in a vulnerable position, such as extremely drunk or pressured. This is important in any relationship, but seeing as most casual sex happens after a night out, it is really important it is fully considered. 

Know who you are sleeping with: Meeting people online through sex dating sites, or even engaging with people in person can be an effective way of discovering people who wish to engage in casual relationships, however, know who you are sleeping with. Research them, take the correct precautions, tell someone where you are going and who you are going to be with, always have a backup plan in case the worst happens. It is dreadful to think about, yet it does happen some of the time. It is one hundred per cent better to be safe than sorry, just be careful.

Use a condom: Do you really want to get pregnant after a one night stand? Do you really want to have that worry the next day of getting the morning after pill? Do you really want to get a disease? An infection? I think I know the answer. Wear a condom. Grab them from the sexual health clinic for free or simply buy them from somewhere, make sure they are decent and that it does not split. A lot of bad things can come from something as trivial as not wearing a condom.

Get yourself tested: Regularly. Every time you have had sex with a new person, especially if you have not used a condom. Testing is so easy, and it stopping any form of infection in the early stages both saves your health and ensures that no one else contracts it. If you have not read my recent post about having an STI, and how to get yourself checked I fully recommend you read it and consider the implications of not engaging in safe sex. 

Do not feel bad: Do not look at yourself as a slag or a slut or anything bad for fulfilling your sexual needs. Sexual drive is present in every single person, it has been since time began and it will be until time ends. As long as you, and whoever you are engaging in sexual activity with, is happy and comfortable then nothing else really matters. If you want to try new things, that's okay. If you don't want to try anything new, that's okay too. This is a perfect opportunity to experiment, and it may be less awkward than doing it with a partner. There are much bigger issues in this world than a bit of casual and consensual sex, you are fine.

As I have mentioned, simply make sure the sexual relationship you are engaging with is safe and consensual. That is all you really need for casual sex.

I am curious to hear your thoughts on casual dating, I am well aware there are a ton of different opinions out there regarding how promiscuous sexual relationships are in modern times and it would be interesting to hear your thoughts, good or bad. What do you think about casual sex?



  1. Great post and something that is really important to talk about. It's great that people are comfortable to have casual relationships but at the same time staying safe is super important!

  2. Great post. Always. use. a. condom. There are so many diseases which have no symptoms for men, but are horrible for women!


  3. I've never been in a casual relationshop because I've been in a relationship since I was 16 and in love with him since I was 15. Even though I've never experienced it for myself, I think it's not something negative! And like you said: ALWAYS use a condom!
    Lovely blog post, Elise!😊

    Shirley |


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