*ask for angela

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Ask For Angela is a UK campaign created by a pub in Lincolnshire which has now been adopted by the Metropolitan Police Service in order to help reduce and prevent sexual violence and vulnerability in London and other areas across the UK. The scheme provides customers of bars/nightclubs a discreet phrase they can use to get the attention of staff members who can help remove them from a situation which they feel uncomfortable with. Customers can simply go to the bar, or speak to a member of the security and ask for Angela. Staff will then assist the person in getting to a place of safety such as home or away from the person causing distress. 

Ask for Angela is an incredible scheme, and places of service across the country should participate in the campaign. It is important to allow people to remove themselves from an uncomfortable situation whilst remaining safe, and alerting the staff of an issue in a discreet way is a brilliant way to ensure a safe and unhostile environment. If you work at a bar/pub or aware of anyone who does, getting involved in ask for Angela is a possibly effective way of reducing the amount of sexual violence and vulnerability, and all it takes is the erection of posters in women's bathrooms and one discussion with the staff members.

For more information about the Ask For Angela campaign, you can search here which will show you a general overview of information, as well as posters available for download and extra guidance for staff involved in the scheme.

As with any situation which has possible benefits and risks, it is important that we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly. If you have engaged with any of my previous dating posts, such as how to look for love, you will be familiar with the fact that I believe online dating is an effective, fun way of looking for a relationship, whether or not be on a site interested in a serious relationship or one that is centered towards no strings attached dating. However, online dating comes with risks.

Ask For Angela is an especially important campaign for those that are in a situation with someone they have met online, as there is a possibility the person who has arrived is not who you believed you were talking to, or the situation has turned hostile. Of course, going to a bar with someone you have met through normal dating can also go terribly wrong, however, I believe that this campaign would assist those who online date a lot more. As I have mentioned, online dating is a fabulous way to confidently engage with new people regardless of what type of relationship you are looking for, yet it is always important to keep yourself safe in every situation you put yourself in. If anything, rolling out the Ask For Angela schemes will make online dating ever easier. It will take a bit of worry away from meeting people adult dating sites, especially if you are simply looking for sex. 

If you are ever in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, please go to the bar and ask for Angela. Even if the venue is not displaying posters, there is a possibility that the bar staff may be aware of the campaign or even someone nearby. If not, please find another way of alerting them that you require help to get to safety, it is important that you feel happy and comfortable.

Do you think the Ask For Angela scheme is a good idea? Or could you think of any more effective ways to help people who feel as though they are in vulnerable situations?