senior dating ideas

You may not want to go crawling around pubs or playing sports when you're a senior (although I am not saying you can't, you do you boo) so I have put together some date ideas for those who are into senior dating. Have fun!
BBQ, beach and booze - This relaxing date is perfect for those that have easy access to the beach. All you need is a disposable BBQ, grab a few things in your freezer, buy some booze or even take a bottle of wine from that unused alcohol storage everyone has and spend the evening on the beach together. You can even bring a speaker and play some music, or create a bonfire. It is the perfect opportunity to actually sit and talk to one another in a relaxing atmosphere, as it is perfect for both first times dates and dates 40 years into a marriage. 

Mini Golf- A classic date idea which can also be quite cheap. Plus, it is especially good if neither of you has a clue how to do it. It is a fun activity which can either be done as a date itself or paired with other ideas to prolong the day.

Ice-cream and arcades- Grab yourself an ice-cream cone each and go to the arcades. Do it like kids. No adult machines, no worrying about what people think. Go on the dance machines, try and win a teddy from the claw machines and be excited when you get some extra 2ps out of the machine. No one cares in summer, it is a time to have fun.

Have a night away- Find a local campsite and just have some time away. Away from your home, your phones and your normal life. Play some board-games, talk to one another, even do a BBQ, beach and booze first. Sometimes you just need time together, and watching the stars is perfect when it is warm outside.

Have a night in- Cook together, put on your favourite songs and dance or watch your favourite movie together. Sometimes it is the simple things that can make a date perfect, even if it just involves using the ingredients you have at home to make a meal you can eat outside.

Have a group meal- Meet each other's friends, double date! It makes the whole experience a whole lot awkward if there are more people there that you can talk to.

Walk- Actually walk, not to a certain place or through somewhere you know. Find a random pathway and walk. It is so peaceful, and in the summer it is so nice just to go on a little adventure. Once again, you never know what you may find and even if you get lost it will be a funny story to tell. This is perfect if you have met someone on senior dating sites it helps you to get to know each other so much better without having an activity clouding it.

Find somewhere free- There are sometimes free aquariums, art galleries and museums about. Even if you are not interested in those types of things, sometimes it is better than you imagine. It is a chance to do something different to what you would normally do and can help you save up some extra cash for perhaps your next date night

Go out of town- If you use sites like Dorset Dating, Buckinghamshire Dating and Lincolnshire Dating you will meet people from your area, so go explore other places! Learn new things about other towns/counties together, or learn things about where you are from!